Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Welcome to the Gramophone Man Official Website.

Gramophone Man is a kind of super hero. One who uses his powers to play original shellac 78′s from the 20′s, 30′s and 40′s on a steam powered mobile DJ rig.


Gramophone Man to perform at ‘Ghostings’ at Bundanon

Gramophone Man is especially thrilled to heading to the Bunadnon Homestead – former home of painter Arthur Boyd and now home to all manner of wonderful arty happenings – on Saturday 24th September, for the annual Siteworks. This year’s there of ‘Ghostings’ is particularly pertinent for G Man, considering his infeasible vintage!

Cuba Dupa in Wellington!

What a truly smashing time G Man had in Wellington! many thanks to the solid gold dancers – you may be trad, but you’re bad dad!

Parramatta Day

Come to Experiment Farm!

Ahoy Gramophonies! G Man will be in the glorious surrounds of Parramatta on Saturday 7th November. Swing by Experiment Farm Reserve from midday to 6pm to hear the most boogie of woogies and the swingingest swing – all on original 78 of course!

G Man Bandstand

Barangaroo Return For Gramophone Man

Ahoy Gramophonies! There are two more chances for you to get down to the fabulous new harbourside parkland in Sydney that is Barangaroo and do a Spring Shimmy to G Man’s inimitable bookie woogie tunes from years gone by. He’ll be down by the waterside from 3.00pm on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October. More […]

Hornsby Advocate Front Page

Gramophone Man finally makes the front page!

Gramophone Man is very happy to be featured in his own local paper – the fabulously Gramophone friendly Hornsby Advocate. G Man will be performing in the Hornsby Mall on the 17th and 31st October!!! Come and say hello!


G man gets the Blues on Broadbeach

Gramophone Man was very excited to be visiting the Gld Coast for the first time, and packed some of his least mouldy bathing togs for the occasion. In between bouts of drinking pimms on the beach with a hankie on his head and trying to find jellied eels to eat, he wowed the crowd across […]

2015-03-07 18.57.49

Port Fairy gets Gramophoned!

Gramophone Man would like to send out an official “Era Defining Thankyou” to the good festival goers of Port Fairy Folk Festival. It seems Victorians are highly receptive to the antique stylings of our hero, and G Man made lots of new friends – including about 20 very young dancing companions during his last set […]

Gramophone Man – Full Steam Ahead into Sydney Festival 2015

Gramophone Man returned to his old home at the Sydney Festival Village Bandstand for a handful of shows recently. Now something of a Sydney Festival institution since ‘The Contraption’ made its first appearance back in 2010, Gramophone Man has been a part of festivities for the last five years. Every year our manic man of […]

Love Lorne Festival

Love Lorne Festival – 30 August 2014

G Man scoots down to Victoria with the Contraption in tow –

Dress Up Attack!

Dress Up Attack! – 13 Sept 2014

One for all the family – G Man is very excited to be joing the rock elite at ‘Dress Up Attack;