Port Fairy gets Gramophoned!

Gramophone Man would like to send out an official “Era Defining Thankyou” to the good festival goers of Port Fairy Folk Festival. It seems Victorians are highly receptive to the antique stylings of our hero, and G Man made lots of new friends – including about 20 very young dancing companions during his last set at the Flag Circle.

If you were one of the parents who left your little darlings under the ‘supervision’ of G Man whilst you attended the drunken singalong at The Shebeen on Sunday, he would like to extend a special vote of thanks. The japes were so jolly, it’s amazing no one was injured! And if you are missing a child, that could have explained the gradually diminishing noises we were hearing from inside ‘The Contraption’ on the long, long drive home.

Just kidding, of course! Thanks Port Fairy, amazing fun was had!

2015-03-07 18.57.49

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